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Robert Heilman

Robert Heilman is a writer and storyteller who lives in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. “Euclid’s Hell” is part of a collection of essays, Manual Labor (and Other Things Not Taught in School).

— From August 1991
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Euclid’s Hell

It’s amazing to me how little respect most people seem to have for reality. The mind is capable of tricking us into accepting its version of what takes place around us. We repeatedly mistake our perceptions for the stuff of existence, even when we know better.

August 1991

Occupational Disease

Loggers are notorious hard-asses. Hard labor, danger, long hours, and constant, male-only intimate companionship almost guarantee a hardening of the heart. Work gloves can protect soft hands but psyches protect themselves with calluses. It seems simple enough when seen from a distance, but up close, like everything in life, it gets more complicated.

February 1988
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