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Walter M. Robinson

Walter M. Robinson is not the Boston Globe journalist recently portrayed on film by Michael Keaton, nor is he the painter and Artspace critic. He is a physician and writer living in Boston, Massachusetts, whose work can be read in The Literary Review, Harvard Review, and now The Sun.

— From January 2016
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

This Will Sting And Burn

It is time for him to mark the spot that he will cut out. I turn around in the chair, and the starched edge of his white coat brushes my naked shoulder as he moves behind me. I can smell the magic marker and feel the cold circle he draws on my back. He asks if anybody is here with me, and I say no. I know what he’s thinking: that he won’t have to come out and talk to the relatives in the waiting room after the surgery is over.

January 2016
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