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William Irwin Thompson

William Irwin Thompson founded Lindisfarne in 1973 in Southhampton, N.Y., after a decade of teaching the humanities at M.I.T. and at York University. Lindisfarne is a “contemplative community of scholars devoted to the study and realization of a new planetary culture.” His books include At the Edge of History, Passages about Earth, Evil and World Order, and Darkness and Scattered Light.

— From April 1980
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The End Of The Modern World?

Looking Over The Edge Of History With William Irwin Thompson

A new world order is going to require a new way of thinking. Just as our American revolution was preceded by a philosophical revolution, and the heritage of the Enlightenment, in the same way you can look out in the world now, you begin to see the ideological origins of the new world order revolution. We’re still in the stage where it’s for the most part myth, art, religion and philosophy, and we haven’t yet moved into the stage of politics, economics, organization, implementation. Everything, it’s been said, begins in mysticism and ends in politics.

April 1980
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