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And That’s The Way It Is?

For a while, several years ago, I stopped watching the TV news. This was no small thing. I was in the habit of watching all three networks, often at the same time, spinning the dial with the finesse of an accomplished musician running scales on his favorite instrument.

By David Searls May 1980
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Hero Is Reason

Book Review

Stout’s was a remarkable life, in many ways a model one, yet it would hardly have been noted, much less remembered, if not for the series of detective novels that he began writing in his forty-seventh year.

By David M. Guy February 1978
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Crime Pays — A True Adventure

When I unlock and open the door to my apartment, I see a man standing there, with his back to me. He hasn’t seen or heard me, and continues about his business of piling up my little TV, radio, stereo. I softly — very softly — close the door, tiptoe down the stairs, and call the 911 police emergency number.

By Irv Long February 1978

Cartoon By David Terrenoire

The cartoon in this selection is available as a PDF only. Click here to download.

By David Terrenoire January 1978

Drawings By Carl Harp 126-516

Being is my every breath, the truth I bathe in; Reality is my all even when it tears at me behind these walls. I will not look away, I have seen all the games, and though I am not perfect (who is?) I am not needing those things for they are not lasting.

By Carl Harp May 1977
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Free Kill

“Free Kill.” Just imagine. Part of every citizen’s inalienable birthright the freedom to off one other soul.

By William Gaither April 1977
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Care Packages To Fat City

An Objective Opinion

I write of a ridiculous-acting class of people, but one that is not without craft and guile. Public office seems to attract people who are just smart enough to realize that elected positions of “public confidence” are the easiest and safest of possibilities for not especially bright individuals to get rich.

By William Gaither March 1977