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An Interview With Steven Forrest

What’s your Sun-sign? The question usually means someone is trying to pick you up at a party. Or perhaps that you’re in the presence of some self-proclaimed wizard who, upon getting an answer, attempts to describe you as if you were one of twelve varieties of breakfast cereal.

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At 10 a.m. Saturday, April 9, the Felt Forum was like an enormous party. Thousands of people were standing around talking. Me and Eddie passed a man doing a crossword puzzle. Waiting to see Krishnamurti, doing a crossword puzzle!


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Turning Points

I know they think I am a strange person. They see me sitting in a curtainless room with no furniture but the chair I sit on, playing my bass that isn’t plugged into anything, smoking cigarettes hour after hour under the light of the hanging bulb. They see that I don’t stop to exchange chats in the street with my neighbors, that in fact I don’t even know who my neighbors are. Something inside is solitary and this makes people uneasy. The turning point of my life came when the man of my dreams became the spectre of my nightmares. I was glad when he took everything with him; I could take the nothingness he left behind and wrap it around me like a Salvation Army blanket.

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As far as the writing itself is concerned it takes next to no time at all. Much too much is written every day of our lives. We are overwhelmed by it. But when at times we see through the welter of evasive or interested patter, when by chance we penetrate to some moving detail of a life, there is always time to bang out a few pages. The thing isn’t to find the time for it — we waste hours every day doing absolutely nothing at all — the difficulty is to catch the evasive life of the thing, to phrase the words in such a way that stereotype will yield a moment of insight. This is where the difficulty lies. We are lucky when that underground current can be tapped and the secret spring of all our lives will send up its pure water. It seldom happens. A thousand trivialities push themselves to the front, our lying habits of everyday speech and thought are foremost, telling us that that is what “they” want to hear. Tell them something else.

William Carlos Williams

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