Issue 113 | The Sun Magazine

April 1985

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Turning Points

A Salvation Army blanket, Texas ninety-degree road corners, the Marble Hill Dog and Cat Crematorium

By Our Readers


Love until it hurts.

Mother Teresa

The Sun Interview

The World As Symbol

An Interview With Steven Forrest

Each of us lives in a different reality. Each of us has a different perspective, a different purpose, a different viewpoint. We have to honor those differences. The function of astrology is not to thrust my view on someone else but to help another person see whatever it is they need to see more clearly.

By Michael Thurman
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The Inner Sky

This, then, is the real purpose of astrology: to hold a mirror before the evolving self, to tell us what we already know deep within ourselves. Through astrology we fly far above the mass of details that constitutes our lives.

By Steven Forrest
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories


At 10 a.m. Saturday, April 9, the Felt Forum was like an enormous party. Thousands of people were standing around talking. Me and Eddie passed a man doing a crossword puzzle. Waiting to see Krishnamurti, doing a crossword puzzle!

By Sparrow

Meeting The Muse

“You got what a muse is confused with a variety of legends and a lot of your own imagination. A muse is a function, a force, not defined as to physical form. You’re too confident in your own self, where you should give more weight to the forces that feed you.”

By Jon Remmerde