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Living With Integrity

An Interview With Tara Singh

Years ago, someone wrote glowingly to me of Tara Singh, describing him as a man of unusual presence, a teacher, author, and humanitarian who had seen deeply into human nature and had a message worth hearing. I was struck by the letter writer’s admiration for this thinker who seemed to avoid labels as well as publicity.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

The Emshock Letters

I discovered Steve Erickson’s publication, The Emshock Letter, about a year ago. (“Do you know this guy?“ Ram Dass wrote me. “He puts out a newsletter that is a delight.“) I promptly subscribed, thus becoming one of a mere seventeen readers who, at irregular intervals, get to ponder Erickson’s irregular musings about life.


Dragon Bay

For the years of its quiet existence, it was known by the local people as Blue Water Bay.

*NOTE: Original copies of this issue are no longer available. Unbound, laser-printed copies will be provided for print orders.

Readers Write

My Biggest Mistake

One night recently, I was unable to sleep and so I turned on my lamp at around four a.m. and began to read — a back issue of THE SUN, as a matter of fact.

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Man with wooden leg escapes prison. He’s caught. They take his wooden leg away from him. Each day he must cross a large hill and swim a wide river to get to the field where he must work all day on one leg. This goes on for a year. At the Christmas party they give him back his leg. Now he doesn’t want it. His escape is all planned. lt requires only one leg.

James Tate

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