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Money Versus People

When we are intensely at one with our humanity we are intensely at one with the world, and the expression on our faces is fearless. We feel vibrant, open, radiant: like the wind on the mountains, like the burst of wings. In our essence we are fearless, because in our essence we are the universe.

The Words Left Unsaid

Growing up, I would often come upon my mother sitting alone, talking. As I stood on the far side of the green French doors leading to the room where she sat, I would hear the low, reflective flow of her voice. There would be a pause, as if awaiting a response, and then I would hear my mother’s voice again. I strained then to make sense of the words, as I strain now to remember them. But I cannot remember the words; I remember only the sound of her crying.



Martha is talking to me quickly: she needs another doctor. This one won’t give her the proper medication. She has not been eating well; it is too difficult for her to get out in the snow with her broken foot. Look at her legs, she says, the flesh is like wax. She presses a finger into her calf and it leaves a deep mark which only slowly fades away. She tells me it’s because of her heart condition. The doctors won’t give her enough thyroid or enough anti-depressants. She says she knows more about her condition than they do. They have even told her so on more than one occasion. “Martha, you know more about endocrinology than most internists in Boston.” And yet they will not listen to her self-diagnosis, even when she brings in medical books to back herself up. They will not give her more thyroid, more anti-depressants, or more heart medicine.

Bob Robert Cowboy

I was alone in the park when he came to me. I hoped he wouldn’t come closer but he did. He sat a few feet away, ready to talk. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to listen, but I would not be afraid.


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Readers Write

Taking Risks

Thoreau observes that “we sit more risks than we run,” meaning that what we don’t do is also a risk. Indeed, playing life safe is the biggest risk of all, because life returns the least to those who play it safe.

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History is so indifferently rich that a case for almost any conclusion from it can be made by a selection of instances.

Will Durant

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