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Singing To The Dawn

Thomas Berry On Our Broken Connection To The Natural World

We need to regain our sense of the natural world as sacred. . . . In our workaday world, we are no longer present to the natural world in any manner.

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Art Earthquake

“My front tires are so worn I can see the steel belts,” Michelle told me on the phone. “They could blow out any minute. Will you come with me to Kingston to fix them?”

Drowning Revisited

It is always someone’s fault. A drowning is rarely blameless. At the very least, there’s a lingering feeling that it could have been prevented. Your friend recommends a good vacation spot in the Bahamas to her neighbors; they go, and the husband drowns. But there were warning signs posted everywhere, your friend explains to you, and you know that she has said the same thing to herself, over and over. . . .


Blue Flamingo Looks At Red Water

That bus is going to slam into my daughter. In my stop-action memory, everything lies bare a grace note before the accident. The school bus grinds forward stupidly, a yellow hippo. Henry is at the crosswalk, waiting for me as I turn the corner. He is not holding Mary’s hand.

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Mothers & Daughters

My mother never looked or acted the way real mothers were supposed to. She wasn’t soft or huggable, she didn’t sew clothes or bake cookies, and she never volunteered to be class mother. Also, unlike my friends’ mothers, she never looked completely done in by chores and child rearing. On the contrary, she remained untouchably glamorous.

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Sy Safransky's Notebook

May 2002

Inspiration came looking for me for me. But I was listening to the weather report. I was counting out my vitamins. I was leafing through the Daytimer catalog, wondering if I should order a new appointment book. Inspiration got tired of waiting.

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“In the beginning there was my mother. A shape. A shape and a force, standing in the light. You could see her energy; it was visible in the air. Against any background she stood out.”

Marilyn Krysl

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