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A More Perfect Union

Tom Hayden On Democracy And Redemption

I think it’s helpful to remind white ethnics that they, too, came here in boats; that they, too, lived in slums; that they, too, had yellow fever; that they, too, were stigmatized as incorrigible; that they, too, had the highest homicide rates and the highest incarceration rates and the highest rates of mental illness; and that everything that was said about them in those days is now being said about Salvadorans, Dominicans, African Americans, Mexicans, Vietnamese, and Cambodians in our inner cities.

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Why I Am Not President

On January 19, 2004, the day of the Iowa caucus, I decided to run for president. Perhaps, in my tiny way, I reasoned, I can prevent America from becoming a Jesus-flavored neofascist empire. So I announced to the world (or, at least, to the portion of it that is on my e-mail address list) my candidacy for the Republican nomination. My campaign had begun.

The Boy With Blue Hair

Years after I’d last seen him, I called him up. Which meant first I had to call his mother, a woman I’d never met. In another lifetime I’d written her number in my address book beside her long, unfamiliar name.



For years we lived in San Diego among the blue gum trees above Missile Boulevard in the sprawling Castle Apartments, which were packed with crazed and troubled tenants, most of whom were this way, my mother insisted, because they were poor.

Begin With An Outline

My dad still has the secret ranch on the Big Island. It looks like a banana plantation, but it isn’t. The banana plants don’t extend very far within the ranch’s perimeter. The bananas are a lie.

Readers Write

Playing With Fire

As a teenager I liked to pour gas on anthills and set them ablaze, or spray burning charcoal with lighter fluid. I always assured onlookers that I knew what I was doing.

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One of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our Founding Fathers used in the struggle for independence.

Charles Austin Beard

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