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What In The Name Of God?

Creeping steadily toward my forties, I find myself in a peculiar position. On one hand, I’m part and parcel of the “New Age”: I’m chairman of the Hanuman Foundation, director of the Prison-Ashram Project, have studied with a lot of swamis, teachers, and masters, have taught meditation and yoga for a decade, performed many years of disciplines and diets, lived in ashrams, communes, forests and school buses, gone crazy and gone sane, worn long hair, short hair, no hair . . . get the picture? I certainly sound like a “New Age” person to me! And this isn’t the part where I amuse you with my re-entry into society as a successful stockbroker; no, I’m still out here in the bush, threading my way through the mysteries. If anything, I appreciate more than ever the richness of the mystical, the indescribable. It’s at the center of everything I do.

Miracle Of Love

A Collection Of Stories About Neem Karoli Baba

Ten or twenty of us would sit in the back of the ashram at Kainchi, talking with Maharaj- ji . One of us would say, “But Maharaj- ji , what about so-and-so?” asking some question about God or life. Maharaji- ji would start talking and pretty soon everybody would be in tears. Sometimes he’d start talking about Christ and start crying himself.

Through The Bars

Letters To And From Prisoners

You know that I’ve been involved for a long time now with people who have gone through the same sort of nightmare as you. I’ve never met anyone who had an easy time of it, or who looked back and said, “Boy, I’m glad that happened,” so I’m not going to bullshit you with spiritual fairy tales. But I do know, and have seen, people endure with their sanity and humanity intact — and stronger — after such a horrifying leap into Hell.

The Word Accomplished

Who asks me for directions when Man has such wonderful maps? I have no maps, for in all my kingdom there is only one road and I have made it easy for you to find: just ask your Holy Spirit at any time of the day or night and it will lead you there.

Hard Learning: A Diary

September 11. Male and female created he them. What is the truth, the mystery of that difference?

September 17. He held me and called me his buddy. Funny. I hadn’t thought of him as a friend so much as a lover.


The Very Last Supper

Once upon a time when the old heaven and the old earth were still more or less in working order, we somehow missed the signs they’d soon pass away. Were we ever blind. We buried our heads in the sand while the stars fell glittering around us. They dropped like heavy hints, but we didn’t have a clue. Why? Because we were creatures, I suppose, creatures of habit, with no imagination to picture the end, like moles busy tunneling towards a steel trap. That’s easy enough to see now that a dust of atoms are whirling around me as they begin to rough out a new creation.

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Readers Write

Middle Age

Age 40 is generally recognized to mark the end of youth, the beginning of middle age. Turning 40 this past summer, I am perhaps too new to middle age to know much about it from the inside. I sometimes wonder what it will be like.

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Do not think you will necessarily be aware of your own enlightenment.


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