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Readers Write

Readers Write

School Days

Cold germs, Class 4-409, Gerard

By Our Readers July 1981
Readers Write

Death Of A Loved One

Giving the eulogy, being followed by a chicken, losing a child

By Our Readers May 1981
Readers Write

My Neighborhood

Georgia’s richest county’s finest housing project, the Berkeley Flatlands, evenly spaced mailboxes

By Our Readers April 1981
Readers Write

Favorite Places

The mountains, the Nags Head Casino, a cave in a thicket of forsythia

By Our Readers March 1981
Readers Write

How I See God

As a combination of an elderly Abraham Lincoln and Uncle Sam; through the hole in my throat; through an innocent, crucified victim hanging on a tree

By Our Readers February 1981
Readers Write

John Lennon

Remembering his music, carrying on, being true to the vision we share

By Our Readers February 1981
Readers Write

Amazing Coincidences

A registration line, a nuclear power plant, a prayer candle

By Our Readers January 1981
Readers Write

Best Friends

An abortion, graduate school, sisters

By Our Readers December 1980
Readers Write

Fear And Courage

Fear of losing control, feeding courage with trust and patience, looking to the Bible

By Our Readers November 1980
Readers Write

How Men See Women, How Women See Men

As a butterfly surveying a flowerbed, as objects, not very clearly at all

By Our Readers October 1980
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