Nubile young things tug at me     but
I tell them about my wife

how she once too was firm, juicy
and laughed like the jungle

no man has had this kind of wife
her talents make me crawl under

rocks or spend nights in the garage
when I look at stars I see her teeth

our children are her marvels not mine
I could vanish poof! they would just

wrap arms around her shoulders
and grow golden in my absence

I am shade she the sun     I am
water     she the moon     moves me

onto shore or out to sea
blows me into calm or storm

you do not know my wife, never
will lie with her all these years

she takes me under the sheets
as a cloud embraces technology

this woman could have been anything
but decided to be my wife

I could fly to Spain on such fuel
my arms could melt icebergs
I am the warmest man alive