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George Wald

George Wald is professor emeritus of biology at Harvard University, where he has taught since 1934. In 1967 Wald won the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine.

— From June 1979
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Therefore Choose Life

George Wald Speaks Out On Nuclear Energy, The American Revolution, Survival

Some of you may remember what the 60s were like. You know, things were moving. The kids were making every mistake in the book, but they were learning. My generation wasn’t learning, it was past learning. But they were learning, and then they stopped. I think it was a major event in human history. And I’m old enough to be very impatient, for them to get to it again. That poor guy Phil Ochs, nice person, committed suicide, Phil Ochs had that song, I’m Not Marching Anymore. A mistake. You have to keep marching. Stop marching, it’s over. A revolution that stops is lost. That goes for the American Revolution.

June 1979
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