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Michael Mark

Michael Mark is a hospice volunteer who has walked the Camino de Santiago and hiked the Himalayas. He lives in San Diego, California, but his heart has never left Queens, New York.

— From May 2020

Selected Poems

from “Estelle And Bob” | My father kneels at my mother’s grave / to ask her permission to go on match.com.

May 2020

In The Car Ahead

He needs more time to brake / so he drives slow. He needs / more time to read traffic signs / so he drives slow.

April 2020

What Are The Odds

That this trip isn’t the stupidest thing he’ll ever do / That they won’t drive one mile before she asks, Where are we going? three times / That she’ll ask why can’t she drive anymore

October 2018

Visiting Her In Queens Is More Enlightening Than A Month In A Monastery In Tibet

For the fourth time my mother / asks, “How many children / do you have?” I’m beginning / to believe my answer, / “Two, Mom,” is wrong.

March 2017
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