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Michael Mark recently returned home to San Diego, California, after walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and the Liechtenstein Trail. He’s the author of the poetry chapbook Visiting Her in Queens Is More Enlightening than a Month in a Monastery in Tibet.

— From December 2022

Dad Calls To Tell Me

he used the Amazonian jujitsu death / grip to choke out the pharmacist / who wouldn’t give him his heart medication / until tomorrow — which, he admits, is when / it’s actually scheduled for pickup.

December 2022

Selected Poems

from “Estelle And Bob” | My father kneels at my mother’s grave / to ask her permission to go on match.com.

May 2020

In The Car Ahead

He needs more time to brake / so he drives slow. He needs / more time to read traffic signs / so he drives slow.

April 2020

What Are The Odds

That this trip isn’t the stupidest thing he’ll ever do / That they won’t drive one mile before she asks, Where are we going? three times / That she’ll ask why can’t she drive anymore

October 2018

Visiting Her In Queens Is More Enlightening Than A Month In A Monastery In Tibet

For the fourth time my mother / asks, “How many children / do you have?” I’m beginning / to believe my answer, / “Two, Mom,” is wrong.

March 2017
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