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Women’s Poetry

For we have only begun to express how we see the world. And after our angers have risen and spent themselves, and we have made peace with our deepest and feminine selves, we can settle down to getting the world written and into print.

By Elizabeth Cox , Judy Hogan , Sarah Keith , Jenovefa Knoop , Virginia Love Long , Marilyn Michael , Marsha Poirier , Jaki Shelton , Barbara Street & Jean Wilson
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Last Free Lunch (Part Two)

Wild Foods And Herbs In Chapel Hill

In this area of North Carolina, healthful foods and herbs grow wild throughout the year. . . . Persimmon, rosehips, and sassafras are three easy to find and easy to collect plants that are abundant.

By Leaf Robert Diamant
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Women: On Women

I see many far-out ladies leading the way in many frontiers. I find a strength in them that supports, rather than separates me from them. In so many ways, the torment of my insecurities grows dim in the light of seeing women as pilgrims instead of pictures.

By Cindy Crossen & Elyse Towey
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Crossing The Boundary

Book Review

This awareness, a quiet feeling that something was wrong, was with him at the age of 3. At 46, he resolved the conflict and became a woman. James was a traveler and, as a professional correspondent, crossed continents and scaled Everest. Yet it was Jan Morris who completed the most important journey, that to the woman hidden inside the man.

By Sue Hartnett
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The Mystery Within The Mystery

What makes a woman, or a man? Either sex is inhabited by the opposite sex; biologically speaking, it is simply the addition of one x or y chromosome that tips the scales. Is sex merely a genetic difference, or is there something else?

By Priscilla Rich Safransky
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Another Appetite

Come the autumn, when the earth is getting sleepy, it’s especially good to remember the time of energy and abundance. So I make cooking an offering, to God, to my family, and to the friends who allow me to share my love with them.

By Judy Bratten
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Confessions Of A Male Chauvinist P-g

(after the pain, the pain)

Like many men, I’ve been changing. Making love has become preferable to fucking and sharing preferable to manipulating. I’m realizing that every time my penis gets hard it doesn’t need (nor does it have some instinctive right) to be inserted in a conveniently warm place.

By Hal Richman
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Women Writers: Out Of The Closet

It is possible that we are looking out there, over yonder, when we ourselves, or our sisters or mothers or daughters may be secretly squirreling away some of the most direct, honest, intense “news” around about what being a human being is — and not even know that it qualified as literature and might stand the test of time better than much that is presently coming out of the big N.Y. publishing companies.

By Judy Hogan
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

My Ten Best Dressed Women*

The one who said I wanted her cunt. No, not her cunt, her heart. No, not her heart, her past. She never saw my teeth.

By Sy Safransky
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Boredom, And Its Blessings

I am a creature bankrupt of desire, save one — LUST. And what am I to do now, while in the experimental “foregoing of fucking” stage? If I deny my prime desire, and if I have no others, how am I to act other than at random, which I also refuse to do?

By Lamellicorn the Clone (Rob Brezsny)

Asiatic Black Woman

Crown Of Creation, Fruit Of Planet Earth, Mother Of The Universe

By Sherman Shelton