“In designing this creation, the Almighty
Creator gave mind first to the female so that
she could do her job and then release it to
the world of the males.”
                      The Honorable Supreme Minister
                                                            W. D. Muhammad

Shawabiti! Labayaka! Labayaka! *

Isis protects her spirits
in this world
Isis who travels down red
dirt roads in Mobile
Isis who breaks cold steel
Isis who gives due respect
to her original daughter of
the sun

O look upon this Great Rising!
O look upon this Great Rising!

In this wilderness our women are surviving
are alive
are beautiful
are divine

“When the sun shall be folded up . . .
And when the female child that has been buried
alive shall be asked for what crime she was put to death . . .
Then every soul will know what it did.”
                                (Quran, LXXXI, 1,8-9,14)

Surely the sun has lit her soul and
from this celebration
ancient civilization flowed from
her womb
Mother of western civilization
Sister of Kimit **
Original seed of black, brown,
yellow, red and


                     will never
                     know her history

her beginnings
her space
her time
for she is the
first element
of the universe

Martin King knew her
to be Gracious and

Old Flakey men have used our women
like tools
thrown them in deep rivers
planted cancerous sperms
in their wombs

In this hour
our men have come upon
these diabolic men
and a Great Work has
beset them into the Hells
from which they came . . .

O beautiful black women be proud
link your dreams to the Body-Christ

O look upon this Great Rising!
O look upon this Great Rising!

* An Egyptian call to prayer.
** Ancient name for Egypt.