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If there seems to be no New Age dawning it is only because our thoughts and attention are still on things of the old age. There is a New Age beginning, both for the species and the individual and the extent of our spiritual awakening is determined by our own desire to be awakened. And our ability to perceive the New Age of the species is determined by the extent that the New Age has dawned in us — individually.

If we read Playboy rather than East-West Journal; if we eat processed foods rather than pure ones; if we study things of the material plane yet ignore the teachings of the masters; if we seek for ourselves rather than for others; if we enter despair rather than contemplation, envy and jealousy rather than love; seek physical pleasure rather than spiritual growth; if we focus on our separation from others rather than our connection, our ego rather than our Real Self; if we smoke grass and watch TV rather than sit and meditate; if we seek outside ourselves rather than turn our attention inwards and seek the calm quiet center of our being from which our own Divine Self can make itself known, then we are trapped in the old age and what we see only reflects back that age and we sit in despair and think that the New Age was only due to the excitement of Woodstock and Haight-Ashbury and died with the media coverage.

But if we seek with all our heart and soul to find God within; if we ask his help in our quest, and ask with humility, and love and understanding and acceptance of ourselves at each step of our path, then the New Age dawns for us bright and clear, within us and all around and we look into the eyes of our brothers and sisters and joyously and silently acknowledge that within lies God and His return to earth is near.

You dressed up The New Age in cosmic abstractions, turned it into a merchandise of words and pictures, but listen — The New Age is glass under foot, the whip across the bare back of the century. You “understand it” at your peril. Its commands are disguised as flowers. Its garden is a cunt with teeth. You paint gay pictures of heaven, and hang them on the wall. Ponder, rather, that the wall has disappeared.

Joe LaFone, a North Carolina artist, is working on a new project. In that we as a nation are celebrating a bicentennial, it occurred to Joe to paint a red, white and blue line down the center of the nation; rather across it. There are some problems. It costs money to do things these days, and as we all know, it’s tight. So Joe would like to raise some funds. It will cost a couple of dollars a mile to paint this line, so if any of the SUN’s readers would like to buy some miles, they should dip right in and send a check to the Joe Lafone Red, White and Blue Club, Old Hickory, N.C. Joe, when asked why he wants to paint such a line, said, “For the memory of Thomas Paine and Jack Kerouac, of course.”

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