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Sample Fiction

We’re looking for short stories in any genre of fiction that take risks to tell us something true about ourselves. Here are a few recently published stories and the qualities of each that caught our eye.

White Folks

By John Holman September 2020

Holman’s reflective story of his narrator’s upbringing and family is richly drawn. Its organic framing device allows the author to explore class, race, and other cultural issues without robbing his characters of their humanity.


Maryam And Yeshua

By Kate Osterloh May 2020

Osterloh’s story, narrated by Jesus Christ after the crucifixion while he is attended by Mary Magdalene, is a bold act of myth-making. In presenting Jesus as a person with joys and doubts and sorrows, the story reminds us how much mystery runs through our lives.



By Debbie Urbanski January 2019

Urbanski’s fantastical story is, on its face, about a mother’s attempt to come to terms with her daughter’s transformation into a creature with wings and scales. Its power comes from how mutable the deeply felt allegory is: it accommodates many interpretations without suggesting that any are mutually exclusive.

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