What interested me most about gorillas
                  when I first studied them
Was not that the males’ penises are only
                  two inches long,
But that gorillas shit and piss in their beds
                  and don’t leave to relieve themselves
                                    (though they build new beds every day),
Also they eat their feces, yes
                  they eat their turds.
And this made me realize that we
                  (somewhere along the line)
Decided we wouldn’t shit and piss in our beds,
We agreed we wouldn’t eat our shit
                  or drink our piss,
That we would wear clothes
                  and not go naked in public
                                    and not shit or piss in public
                  and not jack off in public,
Not fuck or suck in public,
Not stick our fingers up our rear ends
                  and smell them
                                    (even in the privacy
                  of our own homes),
Or on meeting another of our kind
                  sniff each other’s cock and balls
                                    and cunt and asshole like a dog
                  but shake hands like a man
And rather than pissing and shitting to mark
                  our territory
We invented money
And rather than gathering food from plants
                  we’d work to plant them raise them sell them
And rather than killing animals fish birds
                  with our mouths and eating them
                                    raw and bloody
We’d hire others of our kind
                  to kill them
                                    and cut them up in little pieces
                  not with their mouths
                                    but with sharp knives in their hands,
And somewhere we decided rather than live in trees
                  we’d kill them, cut them up in long pieces,
                                    build houses and live
                  inside them while sitting in chairs
                                    made from them and write poems
                  about them on paper made from them
                                    with a pencil made from them
                  about somewhere along the line
                                    we decided to be different than
                  gorillas and monkeys because
                                    our way of being was right
                  because we were better
                                    than any other creature on Earth.