For Who? For Pooh
Old ethereal teddy bear I trust
in  you linkage I rest
at your feet I live by your
remembrance I read by the light
of your mind I fall into your
reflections old Himalaya maya
mother I agree I am giving up
my life is yours I can go no
further I die in your look
in your lost tomorrow I drink
in your sweet milk
Cherishing Perishing
Chemical slums sluice the veins,
the vortex, the instant precipice
is glowing through the veils of the body

My trite treason lover, my sweet
poison pleasure dump
I worship you in the cremations of my heart
in the clutching tendrils of prenatal lust

Old lunar slattern riding the lie
loose your searing lucid sword
and cut this filmy image flesh
to crystal ribbons, to rainbow thought
We are nowhere to be found
Even in the broken silence of lovers
And our parents names
We dream never dreaming we dream.