(Acid Creek Visions is an instant-replay-three-years-later response to the novel Deliverance written by the “renown” Southern poet, James Dickey — M. R.)


for Herb


The Fried Baby Watermelon
Donut Hillbilly Brain Vision

the chartered greyhound
slows to a stop
man and wife?
approach the tourist stand
that was designed by Snuffy Smith
a million years ago
when his mother had an abortion
then stuffed her substance
in a mail box
that arrived at James Dickey’s plantation
yesterday and Master James had
a real mountain breakfast;

Fried Baby Hillbilly Brains/
the following conversation
was almost recorded
in heaven

The Conversation

Tourist: “Do you have any Watermelon Donuts son??”
Madam: “Yes Sir. What flavor would you like?”
Tourist: “Chocolate please, a dozen, and hurry, our bus is leaving.”
Madam: “Here you go Sir. Will there be anything else?”
Tourist: “No son. Keep the change.”

Tourist to his wife? as they’re boarding the bus:
“You know honey, these mountain people
make great Watermelon Donuts but they sure
do have strange ways. Must be their heritage.
Inbreeding you know.”


The Shotgun Vision

the shotgun has the feel
of a thousand dead peoples’ hands
two thousand dead people
if you fire both barrels at once
but you can drink
                                        from two chalices
at the same time?
                                        says the madman
                                        if you blow yourself in half


The Deliverance Vision

if you like to see
into a madmans mind
just pretend that you’re James Dickey
raping a hillbilly and suddenly
Al Capp walks up
with a microphone in hand
and demands an explanation:
“Well Mr. Dickey
how’s you
Deliverance coming:”