We made eyes across the room. We made each other’s acquaintance, whatever that means. I made a move, you made a face. We made out anyway. We made bad pottery, we made bad jokes. We made out again, we made use of our hands. We made study plans, I couldn’t keep them. I made a muscle, you made a face. We made fun of my roommate’s browser history. We made love. You made me turn off the lights, which made me relieved. You made dean’s list, I made C’s. You made sure I knew what you thought of my friends. I made you watch Star Wars, you made sounds like Chewbacca. We made love, we made love, we made love, we made love. We made a mistake. You made an appointment. You made me wait in the car. Your father made us visit him, he made an impression. We made résumés, yours was better. You made a trip out east, they made you an offer. I made a joke: they made you an offer you couldn’t refuse. You made a face, but it was true you couldn’t refuse. I made a mix of extremely sad songs for your drive. I made it out of bed. Made some drinks. Made repeated late-night errors in judgment. I made a surprise visit. We made out. We made breakfast. We made love on the breakfast. We didn’t make the bed, especially me. Animals made you happy, gifts did not. We made our vows. We made some money, especially you. We made a down payment. We made repairs out back where the squirrel got in. We made a pact to fuck twice a week. You made a sound in the bedroom like an instrument I played terribly as a boy. You made partner. We made promises we wouldn’t keep. You made a garden that made some animals very happy. You made peace with your father before he died. I made the necessary arrangements. We made it through February. We made new friends we couldn’t keep. We made charitable donations. We made a pact to stop watching reality TV, it made no difference. We made plans we had to keep with people we hated. We made time for exercise, especially you. We made mountains of molehills, especially me. We made a baby. I made a list of names, you made a face. He made a face, he made a sound. He made a mess, he made another. He made so many messes. We made lewd innuendos in the vegetable aisle. It made no difference. We made a game of who could hurt the other the most. We made spaghetti, we made too much. We made too much of everything, it wasn’t enough.