The Lover
She swoops
      & swoops
            each time
it’s fresh

& with her hummingbird’s
            she can
“hover in one place
longer than most
take to think it”

Oh those delectable
kissable lips
even the hummingbird’s
wing & hover
cannot match!
chained to a whirligig mountain
ashes fly
the rolling ball teaches me
something about
the birds like cats
(with one lotus yawn
swallows me
& the batlike girl
with the fish tail swim

The sky shimmers
settles like a blanket
The cat-net widens
catches flying whales
(diving into a gulp
the girl unwinds herself
teaching me
something about a yarn,
porpoise leaps
tongue widening tastes
tartly to the twist,
melting artichoke hearts —
Peacock plumage
turning into
the perfectly serene buttercup