to love a prince
let my hands bathe the crevices of your shadow
slipping into sensual, jeweled flesh
let my hands wait for your scent;
actions fertilize your laughter.
falling, rediscovering veiled promises
without touch of winter or source
                    of your deepest rhythm.
                    let it come in the form
                    of thirst
                    and in the form of truth.
let my tears gather close to your roots,
drowning your deepest seas
and possessing your slender waves.
but don’t let me hear that bed squeak
light bright
bodies tight
sweet passionate
wet flight
and from across the hall
the aged woman echoed
you can hug and kiss
and get wet,
sweat and rub and
pull all you want to
but don’t let me hear
that bed squeak

black mothers somehow always knew
the thoughts
the wetness
the truth inside of
in flesh sound
wet sound
ageless sound
of ancient movement.
nymph notes
i love you differently
as a concluding line
i have learned to
fear the sword of your
stare and the sound
of your closing eyes
and yet not enough
not enough
i have come to love
you differently
while clouds surround your ears
and rain knots
bind my feet beneath
your thighs
steady beneath your thighs
i could learn to love you differently
if only you would remove the rain.