A Mystic Walks In The Rain
I anticipate rain
hearing it for days
on the radio
I smell it on the wind
the only good smell
in this town
clouds filled to brimming
with inclement weather
cluster near my left ear
thunder is a sound
that strikes deep
into the ear hole
the hammer vibrates

I anticipate rain
closing up all the windows
of the body
working long hours
to shore up the blood dams
I plait my hair
wear one silver earring
of peacock feathers
tattoo a blue crescent moon
on each of my incisors
sing chants
& make all the proper signs
in the air

somewhere in the night
a hawk bloods the moon
the long scream of a woman
rain falls sudden
                                    inside my eyes
then all around me

the blood dams
A Blue Whale
a blue whale
beneath the skin
silver shiny scars
on the shoulder
blue whale swimming
through dark blood
deep into the body

porpoises leap from
your breasts when I
touch you there
sharks swing around
boulders in your
ankles with a small
powerful flick of
their tails   dark ships
sink in your eyes

the rising sun lies
just beneath your skin
beneath mine a blue whale
the black sail of night
blows over us   the day
with its delicate ankles
& wrists of bone & silver
walks across the water
to disappear   I put my hand
down to the dark place
between your thighs
the sand of my lips
on yours
I let my name
out into the darkness
like a favorite cat
it disappears
without a sound
it will be days
before it returns

it is an old game
one that somehow
settles the spirit
to be nameless
in a dark city
to be something
blowing in the wind
Love Poem
you lie in the
unopened blood of
the dream summer
days on your lips
like the light
from old suns
outside the window
crickets making
songs with their
black knees