What’s greater love than this?
15,000 million years ago
a trillion trillion souls were blown away
into their lives. That instant
it was determined which of you’d be
swinging Tarzans, which Janes;
which would come to be hung,
or stacked like battleships,
and which wouldn’t measure up.
You were divided evenly
into blessed and damned,
angels soaring and faltering,
even before Eve and Adam invented
their own big bang, steps
of this sweaty human reel.
Look around you, children, spring ooze
thrusting up from forest floor
and shattered metropolitan concrete,
your own hormones seething as you
size up each and every eager other.
Your souls growing so aroused for love
are pieces of that shattered symmetry
still traveling toward nothing
from the instant a perfect God
exploded into time and space.