bell’s tolling
hell’s extolling
god’s the bod
the sod the mod
shiva rumbling
terra crumbling
illusory bubble
duality trouble

up and down
in and out
wrong and right
day and night
east is east
west is west
twain the worst
same the best
prophecy come
hypocrisy done
cosmic ships

lamb in vice
tween in and out
blood to spout
six six six
beastly tricks
majority sin
sword begin

infinity symbol
key in thimble
sleeping eight
two worlds mate
member seven
number heaven
next note sung
octave’s one

trinity sevened
israel leavened
end the slumber
kabbala number
twenty two
bounty jew
riddle solves
middle evolves

what to do
do to what
why not why
why why not
we don’t know
we know we don’t
if we did
we’d do the if
death be life
if hate be love
death will die
if love we live

time and space
chime and pace
strike impasse
godly quest
faithful test
comic joust
tragic oust
flood ahead
blood and dead
humble find us
plus the minus
live the love
descend the dove

or at the cross
the albatross
dark the light
mark the blight
all or none
only on
between the be
the you the me