That she blondly beam
like the lantern of my silence
When she steps out onto the wide
veranda, that birds gather for her
in the snow           That she sleep
like sea foam        That the whites of her eyes roll
startle-bright as the unbroken steed
That she never lose speed
That she wonder about me
That she bleed
with you for the planet                          That you uphold her
when storms come               That the O of her womb be red,
and fertile as the sound of Barbados
That you honor where she curves
toward you, and where away            That she play
by the fire           That she never drop the pitcher
full of blue stars
on Sunday morning              That she laugh, that she always know
what is true          That she bold and delirious grow
next to you           That her body be a welcome
That she wake up praying
That her fingers leave a brush of greenery
in all the corners             That air be ample
That dust forsake her
That she wear heavy wisdom like a light
silk veil             That she wrap herself in being
your chosen                     Every morning,
that you be the first thing
she sees              That her eyes wash clear
That she remember all 
her choices                     That she fill herself
at the deepest wells               That she lift herself
into dancing blind     That she balance fruit
on her head like a juggler
That her toes flash like tetras
That she smile in the mirror
That you smile
on each other as the shade smiles
up at the tree
That she not feel like me
That all three of us should be free