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David Steinberg

David Steinberg is a writer, editor, and publisher who lives in Santa Cruz, California. His books include Erotic by Nature: A Celebration of Life, of Love, and of Our Wonderful Bodies (Red Alder Books) and The Erotic Impulse: Honoring the Sensual Self (Tarcher/Putnam).

— From June 1998
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

To Be A Sexual Son

For me, it is a magical moment. Some combination of the group dynamic, the food, the wine, and the festivity — together with a little courage — has for once made it possible to speak directly and be heard clearly about these usually misrepresented subjects. For a moment, my mother, as well as my more receptive father, is able to see an aspect of my sex life free of distortion or oversimplification, and therefore to better understand me as a sexual human being. I am exhilarated to have accomplished such a delicate bit of communication, and deeply appreciative of my mother’s willingness to put aside her usual judgments and biases. It is a moment of real intimacy between us, and, although neither of us speaks of it directly, I know that she, too, feels the connection. I also know that this moment will pass.

June 1998
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