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Elizabeth Good

Elizabeth Good is a psychic healer and a counselor living in Santa Cruz, California. She is working on a book of interviews about the relationship between healing and creativity.

— From April 1984
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An Interview With Deena Metzger

Working with people who have life threatening diseases, it’s useful to approach disease as a metaphor because then you can do something about it. Then you are not simply in the hands of the doctors. If you can look at disease as a story being told that has to get your attention, and you can discover the story that your disease is telling you, then you have a chance of finding the healing story. People begin telling remarkable stories about important things that have been distorted or have been missing in their lives, areas that must be reconciled. The body says, “This loss, this distortion, or this amnesia that you’re living is killing me. The silence is killing me. And if you don’t fix it, we’ll die.”

April 1984
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