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James Joyce

James Joyce was an Irish writer born in 1882. He achieved notoriety in the early 1920s with his novel Ulysses that was banned in the U.S. for its explicit sexual content until 1933. Joyce’s other novels are A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man and Finnegans Wake. He died in Zürich, Switzerland, in 1941.

— From December 2013
The Dog-Eared Page

excerpted from
The Dead

A ghastly light from the street lamp lay in a long shaft from one window to the door. Gabriel threw his overcoat and hat on a couch and crossed the room towards the window. He looked down into the street in order that his emotion might calm a little. Then he turned and leaned against a chest of drawers with his back to the light. She had taken off her hat and cloak and was standing before a large swinging mirror, unhooking her waist.

December 2013
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