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Jim Daniels


Jim Daniels’s latest book of poems is Gun/Shy. He lives in a condominium in an old church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and teaches at Alma College.

— From July 2022

At Sixty-Five

This morning I fell back / into deep snow / and dug myself into a snow angel. / Yeah. I didn’t tell anyone. I mean, / c’mon, right?

July 2022

Eternal Moment Of Running Wicked Fast

We run so fast these letters should be slanted, fastest at dusk when our breaths burn hot coals, sweat soaking our T-shirts, sneakers slapping pavement

February 2017

Heat Of Departure

Ninety degrees of thick, rude heat — a summer guest / we can’t get rid of — hovering over our city, / our brick house. Yet our son, who’s leaving home / tomorrow, we wish would stay.

June 2013

Last Night I Drove My Son Home

from his friend’s house, where they were filming / a movie starring my son in a love triangle. / My son, fifteen, has never been in a love right angle, / or even a love straight line, as far as I know.

November 2011
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