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Judith H. Windt

Judith H. Windt’s stories have appeared in Jam To-day, Pig Iron, and San Jose Studies. She lives in Menlo Park, California.

— From November 1990

Occupied Territories

My anticipation was high. Life picks up when she’s around. I remember what I went to college for. With her, my brain gets buzzing again. I had been saving up all the garbage of my life for her to hear so I could get it sorted out.

November 1990


Why the sisterhood had to build this pain in, with the Power always skipping a generation, the mothers and daughters always a loss to one another, she didn’t know. She had yielded to it until Annabelle became pregnant. Then, something with the fineness and power of a spiderweb had drawn the young woman, along with her husband, back to the neighborhood where she was born.

July 1990
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