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Lee Rossi

Lee Rossi’s poems have appeared in Southern Poetry Review and North American Review. Now well into retirement in San Carlos, California, he continues to improve his homemaking skills, with a marked aptitude for preparing hot dogs and prewashed salads. He wonders if it’s too late to seek refuge in the priesthood.

— From January 2015

Draining The Lake

Like pilgrims visiting the tombs of saints, / smoky hands of angels on our shoulders, / we wandered the medieval city, stone churches / and tall half-timbered houses leaning over / narrow streets.

January 2015

A Habit Of Ascent

Childhood, the first eternity, / as I wandered our vast acre, / trying to escape the sun.

March 2014

Family Tree

I watch my son high in the magnolia / where branches thin. His sister / at the foot of the tree shrieks for him / to come down and play with her.

January 2013
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