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Monica Jane Frisell

Monica Jane Frisell went on her first solo road trip when she was seventeen years old, driving from Washington State through Nevada and discovering a love of the road that now fuels her nomadic lifestyle and her photography. She took the photo on this month’s cover in June 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio, at Nicole’s eighteenth birthday party.

— From July 2023

July 2023

Cleveland, Ohio

When I was growing up, my mom always had this fear that something would happen to me. I was very much an inside child. My mom had some really bad encounters with people who couldn’t quite accept the fact that Black people were moving into this neighborhood. So it made it difficult to really fit in. Once I started to come outside, and I started to see everything for what it was, I met some really interesting people.

It’s kind of poor here. We don’t really have a lot, but what we do have is unity. There are times when bills couldn’t quite get paid. Once, our neighbor happened to receive our bill, and he paid it for us. That made things so much better.

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