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Sarah Pemberton Strong

Sarah Pemberton Strong’s most recent novel is The Fainting Room. She lives in Hamden, Connecticut, where she is a self-employed master plumber and a poetry editor at New Haven Review. She says that when her mother, who was a carpenter for many years, read her poem in this issue, she said, “I’m sorry about the breakfasts, but at least I taught you how to use tools.”

— From November 2013

Fixing A Lamp

I pull the old cord from the base, / its black cloth rotted from the wires, / because my mother says this brass desk lamp / belonged to her great-grandmother

November 2013
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

How To Make God Laugh

A full moon is rising peach-colored the night of the five-hundred-year anniversary of Columbus’s landing in the New World. Six months ago I planned for this to be the day I’d finish my novel.

January 2004
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