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No Bars To Freedom

Bo Lozoff’s Letters To And From Prisoners

Corresponding with convicted rapists and mass murderers, about how being in prison can help their spiritual growth, has got to be one of the more formidable jobs around. Bo Lozoff, a gutsy and thoughtful spiritual teacher, has been doing it for the past eleven years, with rare skill and unerring wisdom, as director of the Prison-Ashram Project. He’s compiled some of the best of these letters in his new book, We’re All Doing Time, excerpts from which are reprinted here.


There are those who say miracles are part of the good news, but I am not so sure that what they are referring to is actually so good. In hard times, many look for good news or seek out the bad — the former to disperse or suppress the latter or the latter to shore up and elevate the former. Perhaps it is a little like war and peace: in war, peace seems an unattainable marvel, a miracle of sorts. But in peace, neither peace nor war is well-remembered . . . peace becomes “boring” or “ordinary” and war may not really be all that bad after all. In good times there are fewer miracles, so-called. Good news is often for the hard-pressed.

Letter from unVacationland

I first encountered Alice Bloom’s writing in Harper’s magazine and sent her a fan letter, which led to her sending me some other things she’s done. This piece originally appeared in The Hudson Review and we’re thankful for permission to reprint it.


Grief And Happiness At The Home

The Home for Refined Ladies was an old, turreted, red-brick building converted from a Catholic girls’ academy which had moved to a newer building in a better part of Dubuque, Iowa, up on the hills overlooking the Mississippi. It was run by several Franciscan nuns left behind when the rest of the Sisters moved on with the school. Sister Columba was in charge, and also the cook. This story is not about the nuns, but some of the ladies who came there to live.

The Match

There was a woman with one desire: to win a tennis game with God.

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Readers Write

Little Lies

Some years back I read in a spiritual book that if one took care never to tell lies one could so unite oneself with truth that one’s words could come to create reality as well as describe it. The notion so appealed to me that I resolved to become a scrupulous  truth-teller.

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If you have any notion of where you are going, you will never get anywhere.

Joan Miro

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