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Bad Magic: The Failure Of Technology

An Interview With Jerry Mander

When Jerry Mander suggested in his book Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, published in 1978, that television was not reformable no matter who controlled the medium, it represented the first time anyone had dared suggest that we do away with television altogether.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

My Machines

There is a man I talk to in the Astor Place subway stop. He lives there, and he’s missing a tooth. Today his hair was wound around sticks.

Profit And Loss

Selling The Family Home

An era in the life of our family ended last fall, with no ritual of mourning, when a handful of $99,000 checks landed in my sister’s mailbox.

The Seduction Of Consciousness

Advances in technology not only have the power to render old assumptions obsolete but can actually force new and more appropriate modes of thinking. We saw this happen with the advent of nuclear weaponry. Only when the atomic genie was out of its bottle and rattling human consciousness did altruism, compassion, and common sense get a real shot at reducing the likelihood of total war. We are now reaching yet another such watershed. Operating at the deepest levels of perception, new consciousness-altering technologies herald both unprecedented crises as well as remarkable opportunities.

TV Guide

During one winter’s visit at a home that contained several televisions, I returned from errands and found our daughters in the bedroom closet (it has a light), reading.

Russia, My Heart

I can’t keep up with the news. I don’t try. Your scattered nations, your different selves, held together now by — what? Under the czar, they say, under the communists, Russia has never known democracy. Have I? Who calls himself Safransky, signs everything I write? The newspapers warn there will be hunger this winter. This I believe. They say a spiritual, god-fearing nation has triumphed over godless communism.


A Body Of Sound And Light

What is in a body? We see flesh with blood going through, but who knows what it is? I never asked before. All my life I saw a body as just a body, this bit of flesh we’re put inside the day we come alive. All I cared for was the way a body moves me. I’m the best runner I know of, and I still brag to Olga I’m at my fastest going up a hill. On a straightaway, I lope along like a tired dog in summer. But something about a hill makes me leap up over its grasses and stones till I’m standing at the top.

Home Free

O’Reilly always said he wanted to be free. Free, free, free. Good for him, I say. I used to tell him, OK, you be free, and I’ll be fifteen dollars an hour, and we’ll see who pays the rent first.

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Readers Write


My parents were both in their forties when I was born, and I never had a close relationship with them. Even so, when I was in college I would dutifully come home every other weekend to visit them.

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Abba Lot went to see Abba Joseph and said, “Abba, as much as I am able I pray, I meditate, I fast. I remain quiet. I keep my thoughts clean. What else should I do?”

The old man stood up and stretched out his hands toward heaven, and his fingers became like the torches of flame. And he said, “Why not be turned into fire?”

Desert Fathers and Mothers

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