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January 1978

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Abortion, cancer, depression

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Time is Breath.


The Sun Interview

An Interview With George Leonard

Nothing in my unscientific judgement is more sickening or more dangerous to the human body and well-being than emotions unexpressed.

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Book Review

I recommend this book for botany lovers, natural food lovers, healers, travelers, conservationists, farmers and most kuzu haters. For those who hate, period, I recommend a diet of brown rice for 10 days with an occasional cup of kuzu root tea.

By Bruce Paine
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Facing Fear

Footsteps. Coming from behind us, coming up on the back of the tent. They came steadily and quickly. One, then another, and a third. A twig snapped under the weight of one step. (How melodramatic, something in me thought.) Another step. They were heavy and man-like, not soft and meditated like those of a cat. Human steps. Stopping almost right on top of us.

By Dee Dee Small
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Health: The Simple Truth

Why turn over control of our important bodily functions from an infinite inner wisdom that perfectly controls 25 quadrillion cells in every function every second of the day, to our educated intelligence that has a hard time remembering a telephone number?

By Gordon Eatman
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Clowns, Poets, Priests

Book Review

Those who approach Journal of Rehearsals hoping to find a familiar figure will discover a deeper, fuller portrait than they had expected. Fowlie’s most moving pages deal not with the professor, the writer, the literary figure, but with the inner man who traces himself so unerringly back to the child.

By David M. Guy
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Birthcharts: Wheat & Chaff

No one needs astrology. Everything a person can learn from his or her birthchart can be learned someplace else. Like any other language, the symbolism of astrology is just a tool, just a finger pointing at reality. And like any tool it can be abused, used as a crutch, hidden behind, and misapplied. Despite all these pitfalls, it remains a good tool for certain people at certain times in their lives.

By Steven Forrest
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The Unspeakable

Pain is the voice of the inner pearl of being, crying out to be extricated from the blankets of belief that keep us from accepting ourselves, from understanding that aloneness is not loneliness.

By Betsy Campbell Blackwell
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Wine: A Lesson In Self-Discovery

Now the wine, selection of which is both an art and a science, both of which you may at present ignore, for Cabernet Sauvignon (Red, sturdy, full-bodied! Strong in flavor and bouquet!) most easily mingles with blood. Although quite expensive, B.V. Reserve is the best of this varietal, and is therefore suggested.

By Frank Graziano
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The Big Ship

The Great Eastern Was A Glorious Failure

According to legend, during the four years it took 2,000 workmen to assemble the ship, a riveter was accidentally sealed alive in one of its airtight compartments, jinxing the ship forever. Whatever the cause, the Great Eastern voyages ended in disaster. Its captains usually lasted only one voyage.

By Barry Jacobs

Cartoon By David Terrenoire

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By David Terrenoire

Selected Poems

From A Book of Romance

By Bradford Stark