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August 1979

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My fear of my father, my piano, my unsuppressible nomadic tendencies

By Our Readers
Sy Safransky's Notebook

August 1979

Three . . . And Three

After she left, he sat up all night watching his body for signs of change, then watching his mind, trying to arrange his thoughts like jewelry.

By Sy Safransky


The ancients said: “The hanged man cannot cut himself down.” But in due time Nature is stronger than all his ropes and bonds. It was always so. Where is the reason to be discouraged?

Chuang Tzu

Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Peace Nigger’s Long March

A Pedestrian Journal

After quitting his job on public television last year, David Grant decided to maintain a month of silence. This journal was written during the last two weeks, when he travelled on foot, carrying a petition calling for military disarmament. His only companion was his goat, little Iowa, who carried provisions.

By David Grant
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories


I want money. I need money. I will have all the money I desire. I am a money magnet. Money is my servant. This is a meditation, folks, don’t mind me, just keep reading.

By Rob Brezsny
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Facing The Struggle


Fear need not be enemy, a means of control and manipulation, but rather an integral part of being human to be experienced and even enjoyed.

By Peg Staley
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Means Of Survival

Book Review

Though Sophie’s Choice handles larger themes — the nature of evil itself, for instance, which Styron examines through the literature of the holocaust — it is really a book about guilt, in particular, the guilt of survivors.

By David M. Guy
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Nuclear Energy — I’m Against The Stuff

Pretend that this is a movie. You are seeing two men create a curl of dust as they drive in a pick-up down a dirt road. The one driving is old, his features molded like leather, worn and stretched by a hard working foot.

By Jimmy Santiago Baca

Photographs By Rameshwar Das

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By Rameshwar Das