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November 1979


Stephen Dobyns lives in Searsport, Maine. His third book of poems, Heat Death, will be published by Atheneum in 1980.

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David M. Guy has signed a contract with Seaview Books to rewrite his novel, Football Dreams. He lives in Durham.

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Syd Nisbet

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Sy Safransky

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Cheryl Schilling is a writer who now lives in Washington state, where she grew up. She has two sons. She says, of her start as a writer, “It was a strange experience at first to form thoughts in an organized way. It was like the tape had been erased when the beasts in the sea terrorized my homeland, my heart, as well as my own feminine instinct at self-preservation: in 10 years I was spoiled by the emotional excesses of being a housewife, followed by the intellectual deprivation of being cast in a soap opera world of husbands, wives, divorces, children, 19-year-old gurus and treacherous friends.”

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Peg Staley is a 57-year-old psychotherapist from Saunderstown, Rhode Island. She has five sons and lives in the country, near the ocean, with her husband Andrew, and two of her children. Slightly more than a year ago, she discovered she had cancer in her breast.

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