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December 2020


Jin Cordaro, at four feet seven inches, believes she holds the record for most petite living poet. Having had twins, she also believes she holds the record for most times people have asked, “They came from you?” Her work has appeared in Faultline, Smartish Pace, and Bacopa Literary Review. She lives in New Jersey.


Nick Fuller Googins is a teacher, a foot soldier for the Green New Deal, and the least-talented trombone player in any given hundred-mile radius. His writing has been featured in The Paris Review, Oxford American, and the Los Angeles Times. He lives in Venice, California.


Timothy Gallagher works as an emergency-medicine doctor in New York City. He enjoys biking with his family, even when that means sometimes getting lost.


Barbara Kingsolver is an essayist, novelist, and poet. She has written more than fifteen books, including the poetry collection How to Fly (In Ten Thousand Easy Lessons), which was published in September. She lives with her family on a farm in southern Appalachia, where they grow vegetables and raise Icelandic sheep.


Alison Luterman’s latest poetry collection is In the Time of Great Fires. She is currently teaching writing, learning to sing, and working on a musical called The Shyest Witch. She lives in Oakland, California.


Robert McGee lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where he tends his gardens and chases bears away from his pears. His work has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, The Great Smokies Review, and the National Public Radio anthology I Thought My Father Was God.


Sy Safransky is editor and founder of The Sun.


Leath Tonino is a freelance writer and the author of two essay collections about the outdoors, most recently The West Will Swallow You. His other creative pursuits include composing songs on the ukulele, making abstract watercolor paintings, and building mobiles from scavenged objects.



Maureen Beitler is a photographer and nurse who lives in New York City. She explores the Appalachian and Allegheny Mountains with her camera and develops silver prints in her darkroom.


Rachel J. Elliott is the editorial associate and photo editor of The Sun. She lives in Carrboro, North Carolina.


Emma Esser is an urban-landscape and live-music photographer who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can follow her on Instagram: @eesser5.


David Inscho lives in Bellingham, Washington. His photographs have appeared in Backpacker, Travel Oregon, and Adventures NW, but his most enduring achievement is the sycamore tree he planted in his front yard twenty years ago.


Kevin Morris is a landscape and outdoor-adventure photographer who lives in Southern California. His work has appeared in 34th Parallel, High Shelf Press, and Murze.


Katelyn Schubel is a photographer, writer, and auditor. Despite her near-daily yoga and meditation practice, she has the posture of a hobgoblin when she works. She lives in Durham, North Carolina.


Naomi Stolow recently left a long e-commerce career in London for a better life deep in the countryside. Now she lives in and renovates an ancient milking parlor and takes pictures of wildlife, nature, and, occasionally, people.


On The Cover

Forest Woodward’s work has appeared in The New York Times, Esquire, and Outside Magazine. He has lived in both Brooklyn, New York, and Stehekin, Washington, one of the most isolated communities in the lower forty-eight states. His hobbies include trail running, rock climbing, and whittling. He took this month’s cover photo of Elsie on the edge of the Funafuti lagoon in Tuvalu, an island country in the South Pacific. Elsie’s father serves in the Tuvalu government as the head of climate adaptation. In the evenings, Tuvaluan children often swim into the lagoon to help clean and bring in the catch of the day.

image © Forest Woodward

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