Issue 68 | Correspondence | The Sun Magazine


Your magazine really has brought some sun into my life this past year. I’ve been a student at Earlham College until a few months ago — I dropped out instead of truckin’ on toward graduation in June — and I’ve been through some hard changes there. When times were really bad, I would invariably find a new issue of THE SUN in my mailbox.

At the beginning of the year I was broke and unable to renew my subscription. I kept meaning to write you, but time has just slipped by. You sent me an extra issue anyway and yet another issue (63) which I read on the train home on January 20 — that fateful day, which also saw my official withdrawal from academia. That issue, especially John Rosenthal’s piece, “Insisting on Love,” affirmed and synthesized ideas that are helping me to focus my life in a beautiful direction. Thank you for keeping it together down there — your love and light are reaching far and wide.

Here is my check for another year of THE SUN. I wish I could give more, but I keep the energy flowing toward you and from you.

Amy Morris Frankfort, Kentucky

Your magazine has been an important part of my spiritual sustenance and education for the past two years. I find it still gets read faster than any of my other magazines.

You have done well, especially in the last year, in choosing positive and thought-provoking subjects. I don’t enjoy negative expose-type features from you. I feel saturated with them from other sources and I don’t expect them from THE SUN. I think of THE SUN — as its name implies — as bringing warmth into my life.

Melissa Barnes Colorado Springs, Colorado

I recently came across your magazine and enjoy it very much. I don’t really know of anything to compare with it because it seems much more close to the personal than the slicker mags like East West Journal and otherwise is not posed as are most little magazines. Conscious but unself-conscious, I should say.

Marc Weber Colorado Springs, Colorado
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