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Living With The Dying

An Interview With Dale Borglum

Asked about dreaming, Baba Hari Dass once responded, “Life is also a dream and death is the end of that dream. After death another dream starts.” If so, how convincing a dream! Each of us has a fear, deep or shallow, of the dream’s end. Everything we hold dear, everything we call ourselves, is threatened. So we usually don’t think it, or assure ourselves we believe in an enduring personality or soul, or take a certain comfort in an existential view of our impermanence, futile actors on an empty stage. Most of us just don’t know, and it’s that uncertainty we’d most like to repress. As a culture we desensitize. The media glamorizes and oversaturates us with death — in the news, in sports, in entertainment — with a cartoon flair. Our funerals are hushed and cosmetic, high-priced consolation for the living.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

The Choice Of Emptiness

— What is anything for? I am standing in line at Fidelity Bank, and inside my universe has caved in. I feel like the guy who folds his laundry, then goes down to the cellar and shoots his head off.


My Father’s Grandson

I called my father at his bank in Tulsa. He wasn’t there, as usual, so I left a message with his secretary, as usual. “Tell him, Helouise, that he has a new grandson.” I had to repeat the message twice, as Helouise was well aware that I was an only child and quite unmarried. Then I hung up and waited.

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Readers Write

Growing Older

“Getting older” — an evocative notion as full of  resonances as some great bell struck just once. As it fades, it changes, becomes subtler, less deafening, and its components of sound emerge a little at a time until, just as I am about to congratulate myself that I “understand” each molecule of this melody there is . . . silence.

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It is easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them.

Alfred Adler

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