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Sample Poetry

We’re looking for poetry — usually narrative but always accessible — that invites us into your confidence and leads us to revelation. Here are a few recently published poems and the qualities of each that caught our eye.

More Of This, Please

By Emily Sernaker April 2022

Sernaker elevates the common trope of remembering a writing teacher by transforming into a litany of gratitude for graces large and small. The poem shifts from slyly observed everyday delights to an earnest wonder at how fleeting life can feel.


Steady Daylight

By Joseph Bathanti November 2021

Bathanti’s eulogy disguised as a description of heaven is lively, almost manic, though its implicit grief helps keep the poem from becoming saccharine. Everyone so lovingly imagined is, unlike the speaker, dead, and his loss grows palpable by the end.


Love Poem

By Brionne Janae October 2020

Janae’s snapshot of life in Brooklyn during the early pandemic lockdown captures so much in its details, from the speaker’s clear affection for their community to the heavy toll of systemic racism. It balances personal experience and cultural commentary well.

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