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Sample Poetry

To save your time and ours, we suggest you take a look at The Sun before submitting. We’ve provided some sample poetry below.

Ode To Fat

By Ellen BassJanuary 2018

Tonight, as you undress, I watch your wondrous
flesh that’s swelled again, the way a river swells
when the ice relents. Sweet relief

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We Would Never Sleep

By David HernandezJuly 2015

We the people, we the one
times 320 million, I’m rounding up, there are really
too many grass blades to count,

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Into The Mystery

By Tony HoaglandAugust 2017

Of course there is a time of afternoon, out there in the yard,
an hour that has never been described.

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Praise Song For The Body

By Brionne JanaeJune 2018

to the curve in my spine, the lopsided shoulder, the vertebrae’s dance, praise
to the knuckle & crease of my toes, to my narrow feet & resilient soles, praise

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