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I Just Died

It’s summer, and I’m hearing my landlady’s pets more than I’d like to. She lives upstairs and told me when I moved in that her animals were quiet. Clearly I was a fool to believe her.

By Evan James January 2012

New Courses

The Tao of Toast: In this workshop, participants will learn to brown toast, butter it, and eat it. A continuation, “What to Do with the Crumbs,” will be offered later this summer.

By Sparrow February 1996
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The Inner Sky

This, then, is the real purpose of astrology: to hold a mirror before the evolving self, to tell us what we already know deep within ourselves. Through astrology we fly far above the mass of details that constitutes our lives.

By Steven Forrest April 1985
The Sun Interview

The World As Symbol

An Interview With Steven Forrest

Each of us lives in a different reality. Each of us has a different perspective, a different purpose, a different viewpoint. We have to honor those differences. The function of astrology is not to thrust my view on someone else but to help another person see whatever it is they need to see more clearly.

By Michael Thurman April 1985
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The Bright (And Cloudy) Dawn Of A New Age

Steven Forrest On The Next 2,000 Years

We live in a cusp, a time that we can call the “crack between the ages.” Right now we could say we’re in an Aquarian energy field, but with Piscean structure, Piscean myths, Piscean traditions, so in a sense we live in two ages. In another sense we don’t live in any age at all. One has died and another is being born. There is more freedom in these cusp times than there can be at any other time.

By Steven Forrest May 1980
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The Dance Of The Elements

Just as the ultimate goal of our civilization is the perfect dominance of human will over all physical processes, the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end for these ancient cultures was the realization of the One Law which would link every dimension of the universe. Astrology, with its Four Elements, is one heirloom passed down to us from those alien days.

By Steven Forrest July 1979
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Making Predictions

Astrology, particularly predictive astrology, can be an awesomely powerful tool. Through it, consciousness is extended beyond its natural limits. Rather than seeing life from ground level as a series of confrontations with specific, seemingly unrelated situations, the awareness rises temporarily into the stratosphere.

By Steven Forrest August 1978
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Birthcharts: Wheat & Chaff

No one needs astrology. Everything a person can learn from his or her birthchart can be learned someplace else. Like any other language, the symbolism of astrology is just a tool, just a finger pointing at reality. And like any tool it can be abused, used as a crutch, hidden behind, and misapplied. Despite all these pitfalls, it remains a good tool for certain people at certain times in their lives.

By Steven Forrest January 1978
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The Good Heavens

The sky is perfect tonight. The flawless close to a false Spring day in mid-February — an odd day with chirping birds, open windows, shirtless basketball and soft outdoor conversation before supper.

By David Searls March 1977

Aquarian Meditation

Shades of the winter moon / distill the sky / into a foretaste of the arising: / the emergent forest tapestry / of dissonant souls / harmonizes.

By Gayle Garrison February 1976