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Readers Write

What I’d Most Like To Change

The constant nagging desire to change things; my fear of death; my inner victim into a happier, healthier being

By Our Readers November 1985
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So we were near the end of two and a half hours of long-distance conversation, an eternal friend and I, and we were finally getting around to the good stuff: the war between the sexes.

By Patrick Miller October 1985
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Good Medicine

An Unorthodox Prescription For Health

I can tell you everything you need to know about nutrition in one sentence. “Good nutrition consists of eating a wide variety of chemically unaltered foods.” That throws out 90% of what you’ll find in the grocery store.

By Dr. C. Norman Shealy February 1980
Readers Write


Like a horse, to attain a state of high performance, to achieve a balance somewhere between the need and the desire

By Our Readers January 1980
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Nestles Vs. The Newborn

Death, Malnutrition, And The Infant Formula Boom

To the poor, uneducated mother, an obvious solution is stretching the formula by diluting it with more water than is specified on the package, the label of which she probably cannot read. A study conducted in Barbados in 1969 showed that 82% of the mothers were “stretching” the formula. They were making a 4-day can last between 5 days and 3 weeks.

By Alice Ammerman February 1978
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Will An Apple Turnover A Day Keep The Doctor Away?

Initial decisions about what we will eat are made by the supermarket chains when they divvy up their shelf space. And these decisions are based on different values than we would apply. More often than not, the result is one row of fresh fruits and vegetables and ten or twelve rows of boxes and cans.

By Cary Fowler October 1977
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Temple Sweeper

Eight years ago I decided to become a vegetarian. This decision corresponded roughly with a hazily conceptual political activism and very clearly with an infatuation with a male vegetarian. Since then . . . concern for my diet has moved from the realm of “proof of lifestyle” to a central place in my efforts toward well being.

By Val Staples June 1977
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Fasting, Kinda Slowly

I’ve fasted only once. I was with the Minnesota Outward Bound School in Canada and for the three weeks prior to my solo my brigade of ten girls had canoed and portaged from 5 A.M. to 9 P.M. daily — eating an unlimited amount of oatmeal for breakfast, sharing an occasional loaf of doughy bread for lunch, with two bowls of rice apiece for supper. We were always a bit hungry, but the beauty around us filled our souls and generally took our minds off our bellies.

By Kathy October 1974


When you are at table, speak to none, keep your eyes lowered, and think of the heavenly table, of the food that is served thereon, which food is God Himself, and of the guests at this table, who are the angels.

St. Teresa of Avila

June 1974