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Readers Write

Earned Wisdom

A not so dirty book, the alchemy of experience, Spanish lessons

By Our Readers December 1987

Demon Meridianum

They raised a shout of “Clair,” yelled things he did not understand, aped the way he walked and the awkward, nasal sound of his speech, made fun of how he wore his pants high on his corpulent midsection, called him “Baby Huey” and laughed.

By Robert Ebisch August 1987

Grief And Happiness At The Home

The Home for Refined Ladies was an old, turreted, red-brick building converted from a Catholic girls’ academy which had moved to a newer building in a better part of Dubuque, Iowa, up on the hills overlooking the Mississippi.

By Karlton Kelm December 1985
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Perils Of Publishing

Finally after a go ’round, she blurted out: “Doug, I’ve been working at the Library of Congress for twelve years, and I’ve never had an experience like this before.” I just wasn’t sure what she was talking about.

By Lorenzo W. Milam May 1984