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the palm-leaf

alone. / the harsh beauty. / salt waves / strike the sandward grain. / the palm-leaf / totters at the edge

By Joe Blankenship February 1976

Earth as a planet needs tending to

One cant love without fear of exposing / tender parts to pain, nor can one leave / love to feeling incomplete, to make sense / from pain, never-ending, like glare.

By Richard Williams February 1976

Mer de Glace

Under ice / we breathe in shrunken sentences, / locked in / by the firn dome overhead / moving through our white sleep / like a clock’s hour hand.

By Jim Lark February 1976
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The Genius Of The Planet

Jealous of the female art of creation, man conjured up the art of the mummified reflection, and so was born the Work of Art: a solid hunk of inanimate matter scratched and battered into a shape codifying his unique understandings.

By Medea (Rob Brezsny) January 1976
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Peopletalk: Language And Other Expressions

Language, more than anything else, separates man from other animals. It plays a dominant role in shaping our conceptions about the world. Language is a means of transmitting and storing information, generally with words or other symbols.

By Priscilla Rich Safransky, Sy Safransky, Rob Gelblum, Ebba Kraar & David Bonnis January 1976
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Communicating With Yourself

Our bodies communicate vast amounts of information to our conscious and unconscious minds, and to other people. We cannot hide our feelings, at least not from every part of ourselves.

By Leaf Diamant January 1976
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Another Appetite

For what truly feeds the mind and the body comes from a source too many people seem to have forgotten: and that is (pardon the archaic term) the soul.

By Judy Bratten December 1975
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Discipline: Reorienting Lines Of Force

What each can contribute toward the good of the whole is definite and needed. So each must ask himself or herself how we qualify or color the lines of force which course through us as human beings.

By Gayle Garrison December 1975
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Dear Buddha

What is time and what is space and why are they the window and the door of our existence?

By the editors December 1975