for Qahira

Oh love,
where do you go with your silence?
I am moving into
the infinite walls of your skin
in search of our being.
Only this oneness knows
eternity’s secret to prayer.
Or the music of spheres
which I have seen whirling in your eyes.

From a sacred rock
together we saw the ancient dance of stone.
How the mist reveals the mountains
and the mountains move!

Somewhere through the non-existent doors of my heart,
an eagle will fly,
and this race of wind in my mind
will cease.
And there again we will meet.
God looking God in the eye.
On the first full moon of fall.

You have come to me
like the very first beat of my heart.
The first breath.
Or happiness
showing itself in tears
or smiles that will forever glow!

Oh love,
as I move deep into the gardens of your dreams,
you are still asleep in me.
Every miracle that a man with a woman can be.
You are everything!
Sight. Sound. Touch.
And the Ancient One
walking in silence from the sea —
You are everything:
The silence.
The song.
And the one inside that is me!